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AB 1149 Aurora Releases “Compliance Data Security” White Paper

Aurora has just released a new white paper documenting the Best Practices for Data Security in regard to AB 1149 Compliance. AB 1149 is a new bill which requires notification of data breaches for local and county government agencies. With the goal of Identity Theft prevention, AB 1149 mandates that local and country government agencies […]

AB 1149 Demands IT Security Compliance for Local and County Government

Data Security strategy has often been the result of government mandated compliance requirements. With regulations governing the use of payment cards ( PCI ) to healthcare industry information ( HIPAA ), services such as hosted laptop encryption, data loss prevention, endpoint security, firewalls and other data security offerings have acted as “insurers” to safety and […]

TrueCrypt Alternative for Small Businesses

                                                                 There is a lot of recent buzz around TrueCrypt Alternatives and speculations on why the developers of the encryption freeware took their site down, etc. All hype aside, TrueCrypt will return as a viable option for individuals to send encrypted files to one another and to encrypt volumes […]

Aurora Releases ITAR Compliance Best Practices White Paper for Data Security

Aurora has released a comprehensive white paper on ITAR Compliance Best Pratices for Data Security. As ITAR Compliance becomes further intertwined with the IT world, it is important to understand how to keep your organization protected and compliant with ITAR guidelines to avoid costly breaches and penalties. Stay in the know with Aurora’s ITAR Compliance […]

Data Security Best Practices for ITAR Compliance

What can organizations do to protect data with regards to ITAR compliance? We listed a short, summarized list below that can help organizations with ITAR compliance through some data security best-practices. It is important to understand that data security is not an end result, but a continuous journey in protecting your information assets. We implement […]

An Overview of ITAR Compliance in the IT World

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of US Government regulations that deals with the export and temporary import of defense articles and services. ITAR regulations dictate that information and material pertaining to defense and military related technologies, including technical data may only be shared with U.S persons. This includes but is not […]

The Importance of Data Classification

Data is truly not created equal. We’re all concerned about Data theft, be it credit card information, healthcare (PHI) information, or private and confidential employee data or trade secrets. In recent cases, we have heard a lot about corporate espionage and hacking threats from competing nation states. Well, how do we go about protecting our […]

Next Generation Firewall

I never thought I’d be jazzed about the topic of Next Generation Firewall but I just sat through a demonstration by McAfee on their Next Generation Firewalls, and it is definitely next generation technology.  No more command line interface, instead McAfee offers rich GUI interface with policy validation, reducing human errors with configuration. It also […]

Security Awareness Training Reduces Hacker Exposure

According to The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report which analyzed data from 1,367 breaches and 63,437 security incidents in 2013, the majority of the breaches last year were caused due to basic lapses in security. Examples include employee mistakes, the use of weak and default passwords, system configuration issues and inadequate system monitoring. All of […]

The Path to HIPAA Compliance

         The path to HIPAA compliance has many variables, and includes several different assessments, but fortunately there are services available to assess your business with respect to HIPAA standards. Risk Assessment:      A useful tool which has helped point numerous organizations in the right direction for compliance is a “HIPAA Risk Assessment”. Risk Assessments are […]