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Phishing Simulation Risk Assessment

Phishing emails are one of the most common vectors of malware and ransomware. Clicking on a phishing link or simply opening a phishing email can infect an entire organization with malware. Luckily, there are several ways for your organization to minimize the threats of phishing in your organization. Aurora provides a Phishing Simulation Risk Assessment to measure an organization’s current level of susceptibility for a phishing attack by performing a controlled phishing attack against employees. This controlled phishing attack targets a subset of employees within each department of an organization. When it’s applicable, it will also target employees from each department across multiple offices to allow for trends across an organization.
Phishing attacks are designed to deceive people into giving away their sensitive information including their password to a malicious third party. They also may deceive individuals into acting such as downloading malware that will give a hacker remote control over the individual victim’s computer.
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Organizations can begin to understand their current security posture when it comes to the risk of phishing attacks by evaluating their organization. One effective measure of evaluating the risk of a phishing event is implementing a controlled phishing attack on employees. Managers will learn if employees click on malicious links within an email and if they further disclose authentication credentials or download malicious payloads. Security professionals must identify if their employees are susceptible to phishing attacks and if so, in which offices or departments are the vulnerabilities. Aurora’s phishing simulation risk assessment will help identify weaknesses within an organization’s security posture as it pertains to phishing attacks.

How it Works

After the phishing simulation risk assessment, we will return data that will assist in gauging the organization’s current level of susceptibility to a phishing attack. We will provide the number of users who clicked a malicious link within an email, the number of people who entered their corporate domain credentials into a phishing website, and the number of users who downloaded or attempted to download a malicious payload. Additionally, we will report on any employees who replied directly to the phishing attack. In the phishing simulation risk assessment, we will provide a breakdown of susceptible employees into various demographics including the office in which they are located, their department and location. In some cases, users still click on malicious links even after there has been an internal security response. By learning the trends across an organization when it comes to susceptibility to a phishing attack, an organization will be able to evaluate whether current employee security training is effective. We will implement and investigate strategies for mitigating risks. Our varied approaches, when combined, have proven to be extremely effective in cutting down an organization’s susceptibility to a phishing attack.
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