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Plurilock AI PromptGuard

Plurilock AI PromptGuard provides a patented solution for generative AI safety, establishing guardrails around employee AI use without interfering with employee workflows or blocking AI entirely.
Generative AI's explosive growth since the start of 2023 has raised concerns about the leakage of sensitive data into AI systems, running afoul of compliance while posing significant risks to data safety. Plurilock AI PromptGuard is a new kind of data loss prevention designed for AI that enables employees to continue to use generative AI while significantly reducing the risk that sensitive and confidential data will be leaked into AI systems.

Plurilock AI PromptGuard automatically detects and redacts confidential and sensitive information in AI prompts, providing guardrails for employee AI use.

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Get the datasheet for the patented data loss and leakage prevention solution for generative AI from Plurilock.

How does it work?

Plurilock AI PromptGuard intelligently scans AI prompts before they are sent to AI systems, using a patented technique to detect and redact sensitive and confidential data in ways that don't interfere with AI functionality. This enables AI systems to continue to provide the requested assistance—without ever seeing data that shouldn't be shared. When AI results are returned, PromptGuard then unredacts the information before the answer is returned to the employee—making the employee's use of AI both seamless and safe.
If you're like most organizations, you know that generative AI use has already rolled out across your organization—whether this use is officially sanctioned or not.
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