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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Aurora Security Consulting Services offers a cyber security risk assessment. The solution uses quantitative and qualitative methods to define an organization’s current and future state of its security environment by conducting an internal and external cyber security risk assessment. During a cyber security risk assessment, the Aurora team determines how your organization compares to industry best practices. We will determine the steps needed to get to the next level of security and maintain a robust security environment as change occurs. In a cyber security risk assessment, deficiencies are identified so that they can be correlated into practical solutions.
In order to conduct a cyber security risk assessment, the team at Aurora Security Consulting Services will first define the scope of each process and function being reviewed. Any current documentation regarding policies, procedures, configuration standards, and best practices used will be gathered. Vulnerability scanning will be conducted both internally and externally. Penetration testing will be conducted against your network systems. During a cyber security risk assessment, individuals within the organization will be interviewed and the processes of how the business functions will be documented. The organization’s security practices will be compared against best practices. We will prioritize the gaps and create a remediation plan. A qualitative risk report will be created. The key value propositions of conducting a cyber security risk assessment with Aurora include understanding the gaps in regulatory compliance requirements and understanding the weaknesses in an organization’s existing policies, procedures and standards. Weaknesses within access controls, user provisioning, configuration management, vulnerability management processes, and incident handing processes will be determined.
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There is great value in the cyber security risk assessment as an organization’s network, operating system, application and end-point security measures will be reviewed. Key remediation recommendations will be developed.

5 Steps to a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment at a Professional Level

The steps of a cyber security risk assessment, at a professional level, include:
  • Automated Security Scanning: this includes commercial scanning tools that are used to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Report Development and Interpretation: in this step, results will be analyzed, and false positives will be removed
  • Network Architecture Review: network security design will be reviewed, and weaknesses will be identified
  • Manual Exploit Testing: in this step, we will perform manual in-depth testing techniques to validate weaknesses in a sample list of devices
  • Security Policy Review: we will review up to 5 security policies for gaps in procedures

3 Important Steps to a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment at an Enterprise Level

At an enterprise level, the cyber security risk assessment also includes additional steps:
  • Remediation Validation: After 6 months mini assessments will be performed to validate remediation steps that have been implemented
  • Policy Creation: We will create or modify up to 5 policies to meet gaps in the security procedures
  • Compliance Needs Assessment: in this step, we will review business operations and determine regulatory requirement applicability

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