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Next Generation Firewall

I never thought I’d be jazzed about the topic of Next Generation Firewall but I just sat through a demonstration by McAfee on their Next Generation Firewalls, and it is definitely next generation technology.  No more command line interface, instead McAfee offers rich GUI interface with policy validation, reducing human errors with configuration. It also addresses both IT operations issues  by supporting up to 2000 devices and clustering up to 16 firewalls, which improves throughput and higher availability, and it can be upgraded without downtime.

IT Security concerns are also addressed with McAfee detecting more evasion techniques than competing products– during the demo, McAfee was catching evasion techniques that the top 3 firewall competitors had missed in lab environments.  Now IT Operations and IT Security don’t have to compromise on requirements when finding the right solution.


By Lee Parkinson


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