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AB 1149 Aurora Releases “Compliance Data Security” White Paper

AB 1149Aurora has just released a new white paper documenting the Best Practices for Data Security in regard to AB 1149 Compliance.

AB 1149 is a new bill which requires notification of data breaches for local and county government agencies. With the goal of Identity Theft prevention, AB 1149 mandates that local and country government agencies notify residents of breaches regarding personal information in a timely manner, without reasonable delay. “Personal Data” has a largely defined scope, even requiring breach notifications for the leaks of usernames or e-mail addresses (Senate Bill 46 [S.B. 46] clearly defines the scope of “personal data” in the context of AB 1149)

There are several Data Security Best Practices for AB 1149 that agencies can evaluate as a fit for their IT security strategy, and in the event that they have never invested in a penetration test or a vulnerability assessment, it’s now time to do so. A few timely steps can go a long way towards preventing a data breach and a AB 1149 negative PR campaign.

You can download the AB 1149 Compliance Data Security White Paper by clicking Here


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