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TrueCrypt Alternative for Small Businesses

TrueCrypt AlternativeThere is a lot of recent buzz around TrueCrypt Alternatives and speculations on why the developers of the encryption freeware took their site down, etc. All hype aside, TrueCrypt will return as a viable option for individuals to send encrypted files to one another and to encrypt volumes on their hard drives. Although TrueCrypt may have been a great solution for those of us that love and use freeware, strategically, it really wasn’t meant to be a corporate-managed encryption solution. There are valid concerns about vulnerabilities in TrueCrypt code, especially in older versions, and TrueCrypt proponents are encouraging an audit of this code. An audit is a great idea, as it would bring to light any vulnerabilities, while allowing future TrueCrypt developers (and several global crytographers who have volunteered their skillsets) to address these vulnerabilities and make TrueCrypt a better product for the freeware community as a whole.
       In the interim, several small (compliance regulated) businesses have found themselves in a predicament. They had previously deployed TrueCrypt and are now concerned about the product future. Essentially, there are two types of concerns:
1) TrueCrypt deployed within a business is unmanaged and therefor harder to prove laptops and data were indeed encrypted in the event of a breach or data theft.
2) The concerns over code vulnerability and the subsequent integrity of the encrypted assets is also a valid fear factor.
We’ve been recommending Hosted Laptop Encryption as a viable Trucrypt alternative to these small businesses. Several of them are regulated by PCI or HIPAA or a government data breach notification law (Example: AB-1149 in California). Other organizations are regulated as Covered Entities due to the fact that they signed a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with a HIPAA regulated business. A hosted and managed offering comes in handy for those clients who need central management but do not have the internal resources to stand up key management server(s). Furthermore, a hosted disk encryption offering is very easy and convenient to deploy and roll out to end users. Hosted Encryption can also fulfill security requirements for regulated businesses, as they need to prove that systems were encrypted in the event of loss or theft. This can only be done through appropriate logging and reporting from a central encryption management server, as offered in Hosted Disk Encryption. 
We encourage small and mid-sized organizations to look into hosted or managed options for data at rest encryption, as a Truecrypt alternative. It alleviates the management burden and provides efficiencies and agility to small to mid-sized organizations, which is usually a critical component to their success. Lastly, the costs are predictable and fixed, which helps organizations stay within budget.


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