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Understanding the Need for Data Loss Prevention ( DLP )

Understanding the Need for Data Loss Prevention ( DLP ) The inherent need for DLP can be easily understood when viewed in terms of Traditional Network Security (firewall for example) versus Data Security ( DLP ), or Inbound content security (like AntiVirus or AntiSpam) versus outbound ( DLP ). To elaborate, a firewall or any […]

Local Admin Privileges Can Pose HIPAA Challenges

Several businesses have a policy to give a subset of users local admin rights on their laptops or desktops. In some cases, this might be a requirement pushed down by a software or application vendor, requiring that power users have local admin rights. However, this poses a challenge for HIPAA compliance – HIPAA requires that […]

Aurora Releases a New Encryption Case Study

Aurora recently undertook an Encryption deployment with TiVo, a DVR manufacturer recognized by many. The project dealt primarily with the protection of sensitive data through endpoint and whole disk encryption. Thanks to superior deployment by our highly skilled engineers, coupled with adequate training and knowledge transfer for lasting value, Aurora was able to quell TiVo’s […]

The Benefits of Hosted Disk Encryption (Video)

  In this video, Ralph Figueiredo of Aurora takes you through the key processes of Hosted Disk Encryption which your business or company can reap great benefits from! Transcription: Hey there, my name is Ralph Figueiredo, and today I’ll be talking about the business benefits of managing laptop encryption from the Cloud. We call this […]

HIPAA Compliance, Deadlines and Due Diligence

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re at least slightly aware of the new HIPAA Omnibus rule changes as of 2013. The deadline for compliance has come and gone (September 23rd , 2013, was the effective deadline), and if you are not adequately up to par and compliant with HIPAA’s new regulations, you may want […]

The importance of Website Security Assessments

Given today’s hectic and dynamic IT environment the chance that administrators would voluntarily undertake periodic security assessments is rare. Usually regular assessments are driven by regulations like HIPAA, FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA and PCI or a very exceptionally organized and disciplined CISO.  Regulations aside there are many reasons why organizations should voluntarily undertake periodic assessments. Much like physical […]

Laptop and Data Encryption for PCI Compliance

The current Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards have been around in various forms for over a decade. In 2004 Visa, Master Card, Discover and JCB were the major players who combined efforts to set security compliance standards in the industry. In 2011, version 2.0 was released, of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) […]

Computer Security Basics

  4 Computer Security basics to help keep you Safe in Cyber Space   By Ralph Figueiredo Purchase and run updated anti-virus software every year. The first year may cost $30 MSRP at Best Buy, for either McAfee or Symantec endpoint protection. After that you renew the license for approximately $20/year. If you don’t pay to renew […]

Laptop encryption – A CEO’s perspective

5 Reasons why you need to strategize about Managed  Laptop encryption: I am often asked about IT best practices by my peers and invariably the discussion steers towards encryption, especially the importance of Laptop Encryption. We are  well aware about the need for encryption per se, discussions on the rolling out and managing  encryption, especially […]

To Cloud or not to Cloud

  By Ralph Figueiredo   I recently met with a customer (Referred to as V) who has a very innovative way of running his business. They are a technology company that offers Cloud CRM specifically developed for the Life Sciences Industry and Healthcare Companies. This high tech company has approximately 500 employees globally, is headquartered […]