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The Benefits of Hosted Disk Encryption (Video)


In this video, Ralph Figueiredo of Aurora takes you through the key processes of Hosted Disk Encryption which your business or company can reap great benefits from!


Hey there, my name is Ralph Figueiredo, and today I’ll be talking about the business benefits of managing laptop encryption from the Cloud. We call this service Hosted Disk Encryption.

Hosted Disk Encryption allows you to manage laptops, desktops and USB devices, from the Aurora Cloud.

There are 3 (Three) benefits associated with getting your laptops and desktops encrypted by a Cloud Service Provider, and they are:

Technology, Compliance and Internal Resources.

Technology Benefits

We use superior PGP encryption under the hood. We provide multi operating systems support, in the form of Windows, Mac and Linux. Hard Drives and USB Drives are encrypted as part of this service. Software updates and upgrades are also taken care of, and infrastructure considerations like servers, backup of data, redundancy, high availability and security considerations are all built-in as part of the technology benefits of this service.

Compliance Benefits

Logging and Reporting are provided for compliance standpoint. 24×7 (Twenty four seven) Customer Portal Access is also provided so your IT admins can log in. And prove compliance by checking encryption status of Laptops and Desktops.

Internal Resource Benefits

Probably the largest cost savings comes from Internal Resources when it comes to a Cloud Service Provider. You no longer need IT admin people doing security work, or security people doing encryption work. You don’t need to spend time and money maintaining encryption software, and infrastructure. It’s all taken care of by a Cloud Service Provider. And lastly Training and Knowledge transfer are both part of this service offering.

So, for all of these reasons, we think it’s a great idea to use a Cloud Service Provider for laptop encryption. The ROI is very high from this service. And we are happy to go over the technical details with you, should you have any questions for us. Thank you.



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