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Cyber Insurance – Why Insuring Your IT Infrastructure is a Must

Target…Neiman Marcus….Home Depot….and now Chase, Cyber Breaches are now a mainstay of Corporate America and will be for a long time to come. Although the first few IT Security breaches had caused uproar in the media and panic within the general public, it seems that as of now, these breaches are commonplace and even expected […]

Centralized IT Security Management through a “Single Pane of Glass”

For years I have heard the term, “single pane of glass” repeated by software vendors time and time again, and many times I thought the term overused to a point that it became just another marketing term to throw around.  Recently though I was at a client meeting with a well- known security vendor where […]

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is here and has been a part of our everyday life for a few years now. Everyday examples include: Your ATM Card + Pin to withdraw money from the ATM machine; if you have a safe deposit box, you’ll need two keys to open it; some web pages ask you to enter […]

AB 1149 Aurora Releases “Compliance Data Security” White Paper

Aurora has just released a new white paper documenting the Best Practices for Data Security in regard to AB 1149 Compliance. AB 1149 is a new bill which requires notification of data breaches for local and county government agencies. With the goal of Identity Theft prevention, AB 1149 mandates that local and country government agencies […]

AB 1149 Demands IT Security Compliance for Local and County Government

Data Security strategy has often been the result of government mandated compliance requirements. With regulations governing the use of payment cards ( PCI ) to healthcare industry information ( HIPAA ), services such as hosted laptop encryption, data loss prevention, endpoint security, firewalls and other data security offerings have acted as “insurers” to safety and […]

Next Generation Firewall

I never thought I’d be jazzed about the topic of Next Generation Firewall but I just sat through a demonstration by McAfee on their Next Generation Firewalls, and it is definitely next generation technology.  No more command line interface, instead McAfee offers rich GUI interface with policy validation, reducing human errors with configuration. It also […]