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Centralized IT Security Management through a “Single Pane of Glass”

Single Pane of GlassFor years I have heard the term, “single pane of glass” repeated by software vendors time and time again, and many times I thought the term overused to a point that it became just another marketing term to throw around.  Recently though I was at a client meeting with a well- known security vendor where this term was used again, but for the first time the term really resonated with the customer because the vendor went on to detail how each of their point products were so well integrated and centrally managed, that each application shared security intelligence, collaborated on this intelligence, and was able to automatically launch policies based on this sharing of real time information to protect data and prevent security breach incidents.  

The customer’s feedback indicated that the collaboration between different applications across their enterprise and the ability to monitor these activities from a central platform with one user interface will enable them to tackle the volume and sophisticated nature of current security events without straining existing resources. That was what single pane of glass meant to this client.
By Lee Parkinson
What does it mean to your organization and are you leveraging this to save you time or money?

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