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Addressing Shadow IT

How many third-party Software as a Service (SaaS) applications do you use during the workday? Does your IT department know about all of them? This could introduce Shadow IT into your organization’s environment. The prevalence of Shadow IT has grown increasingly prevalent in the past year as more employees work from home and utilize SaaS […]

Aurora Addresses Vulnerability Management in a Post-Pandemic World

Aurora Security Consulting Services released a report on the challenges that may be causing businesses’ vulnerability management programs to fail in an increasingly cloud-based world. March 22, 2021, Torrance, CA – The whitepaper titled “Vulnerability Management in a Post-Pandemic World,” describes the actionable steps that security-conscious organizations should take to enhance their vulnerability management program […]

Meet Multiple Security Frameworks on One Platform

As your organization matures, you may need to meet additional security requirements. For example, many organizations that were previously required to comply with the NIST frameworks now must additionally comply with CMMC. Whatever compliance standards apply to your organization, Aurora can help you harmonize these existing frameworks and apply them to the additional frameworks. At […]