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Addressing Shadow IT

How many third-party Software as a Service (SaaS) applications do you use during the workday? Does your IT department know about all of them? This could introduce Shadow IT into your organization’s environment. The prevalence of Shadow IT has grown increasingly prevalent in the past year as more employees work from home and utilize SaaS applications. Whether you are managing productivity on Slack, sharing documents in Google Drive, or messaging your family on What’s App, these applications are examples of Shadow IT that could introduce vulnerabilities that are not monitored by your company’s IT department.

Shadow IT are cloud services that are managed outside of your organization’s IT department without their approval. In recent years, Shadow IT has grown because of the emergence of high-quality cloud applications such as collaboration tools, social media, file sharing apps, and by businesses deploying SaaS applications.

Anything from note-taking apps, to team collaboration apps, are examples of Shadow IT. Most workers do admit to using some type of SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that are outside of their IT department. Often, organizations learn that they had far more instances of Shadow IT than they expected. Being aware of Shadow IT applications that could be affecting your environment is important to evaluate your cybersecurity risk.

Adopting cloud security tools such as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can help you gain visibility into all the cloud services that could be affecting your organization, including Shadow IT. To remain compliant with the security standards of your industry, it is important to utilize tools like CASB to enforce security policies to your cloud applications. A CASB can help you identify security breaches and minimize security risk when you utilize Shadow IT.

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