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Aurora Addresses Vulnerability Management in a Post-Pandemic World

Aurora Security Consulting Services released a report on the challenges that may be causing businesses’ vulnerability management programs to fail in an increasingly cloud-based world.

March 22, 2021, Torrance, CA – The whitepaper titled “Vulnerability Management in a Post-Pandemic World,” describes the actionable steps that security-conscious organizations should take to enhance their vulnerability management program amidst increased cloud technology adoption.

The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud-based technologies in the workforce and therefore has created new cybersecurity challenges.

Aurora’s Vulnerability Management Whitepaper examines the aspects of traditional vulnerability scanning that do not effectively address vulnerabilities that emerge from cloud-based technology. The whitepaper provides recommendations for how to enhance your current vulnerability management program.

One challenge that Aurora addresses how technologies such as IoT (internet of things) devices can increase the attack surface within an organization’s environment while employees work on their home networks. Additionally, Aurora uncovers the many factors that influence vulnerability management today.

“Constantly reevaluating your cybersecurity practices is critical nowadays,” said Aurora CEO, Philip de Souza, “security-conscious organizations are now required to satisfy the everchanging needs of businesses during these times of fast technological change.”

This Vulnerability Management Whitepaper covers the steps of vulnerability management, the role of people, process, and technology, and the new challenges that are faced when scanning for vulnerabilities in a post-pandemic world.

Download Aurora’s Vulnerability Management Whitepaper here to learn more.

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