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Educational Institutions Must Include Cybersecurity

In Los Angeles, where the Aurora HQ is located, and in school districts across the country, students are going back to school at home. Whether they are accessing virtual lessons through devices provided by the school or on the family desktop, students are using the internet as an essential part of their education. With an […]

Are You Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

No organization can be 100% safe from cyber-attacks but conducting regular assessments can help minimize risks. A Vulnerability Assessment is an essential tool in securing your organization. Aurora’s team of engineers will identify the vulnerabilities in your organization’s systems. We will evaluate and assess threats that could do potential harm to your organization’s infrastructure. Aurora […]

Are You Storing Your Customer’s Credit Card Data Safely?

In order to ensure that your customer’s credit card information is safe, there are strict regulations behind how companies are required to handle customer card data. To evaluate your organization’s handling of credit card information against industry standards, Aurora’s team of skilled engineers can conduct a PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit Assessment. What […]