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Educational Institutions Must Include Cybersecurity

In Los Angeles, where the Aurora HQ is located, and in school districts across the country, students are going back to school at home. Whether they are accessing virtual lessons through devices provided by the school or on the family desktop, students are using the internet as an essential part of their education.
With an increase in internet use for children and teens, there comes an increase in cyber risks for these groups. Parents, teachers, and administrators can all play a role in protecting students and school districts from cyber-attacks.

Conducting regular risk assessments can help manage cybersecurity risks. This can be conducted as a school or at a district level. If you are a parent, you can conduct a personal risk assessment on your home device to protect the entire family as they work and learn from home.

Discussing cybersecurity with students can minimize cyber security risks. Teaching kids about the characteristics of common phishing and ransomware attacks can protect families and entire school districts from cyber-attacks.

Education Institutions must account for cybersecurity as many students begin this year with virtual learning. To schedule an assessment with the Aurora Security Consulting Services team, contact us at

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