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Are You Storing Your Customer’s Credit Card Data Safely?

In order to ensure that your customer’s credit card information is safe, there are strict regulations behind how companies are required to handle customer card data. To evaluate your organization’s handling of credit card information against industry standards, Aurora’s team of skilled engineers can conduct a PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit Assessment. What exactly is PCI DSS? Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is the information security standard for companies that have branded credit cards. It applies to anyone who handles cardholder data. Any merchant that accepts or processes credit cards must comply with PCI DSS.

Aurora can conduct an assessment designed to help your organization determine where the gaps in your security infrastructure are, prior to a full PCI DSS risk assessment. Aurora’s assessment service will identify the scope and the requirements for PCI compliance as it relates to your organization, its agencies, merchants and service providers.

We will provide a scanning service, allowing you to identify vulnerabilities that may block your organization from meeting the PCI security requirements. Aurora will provide a review on the education and training of all the stakeholders in your organization. We will also review your network architecture, plus network and application security procedures. This will give your organization a solid foundation of recommendations, allowing you to anticipate issues that may arise in a full SAQ or QSA review.

Protecting the credit card information of your customers is critical. To schedule a PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit Assessment, please contact Aurora Security Consulting Services at

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