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A Reminder for Regular Vulnerability Scanning

In the wake of Apache’s Log4j vulnerability in December, several cybersecurity vendors announced free vulnerability scanning services. Vulnerability scanning can help businesses identify vulnerabilities within their systems–an important step towards detecting and preventing potential cybersecurity threats. We encourage our customers to take advantage of free vulnerability scanning services while they are available, but also consider […]

Addressing the Cybersecurity Burnout Effect

What is the Cybersecurity Burnout Effect? A recent study by 1Password illuminated a trend that may already seem apparent within your organization: there is a clear connection between employee burnout and the experience of cybersecurity threats. When employees are disengaged, they are less likely to follow employee security protocols, therefore bringing greater cybersecurity risk to […]

2022 Cybersecurity Predictions By Aurora President, Philip de Souza

Another year at Aurora in the books! In 2021 we made some big leaps. During the first quarter, we joined the Plurilock Family in Plurilock’s first acquisition. Our team has gained new resources, new security solutions to champion, and new partnerships. Aurora’s team won new contracts, received several ISO certifications, and continued to solve our […]

Resources for Log4j Vulnerability

If you are not already aware, on December 9, 2021, a zero-day vulnerability on Apache Log4j, nicknamed “Log4Shell” was reported. It has been characterized as “the single biggest, and most critical vulnerability of the last decade.” Many people may have not heard of the Log4j software until the attack was first uncovered, however it is […]

EDR, XDR, and MDR: Improve Your Detection & Response

Going Beyond EDR You probably are already familiar with Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). It is a valuable solution for detecting and responding to threats inside managed endpoints. This is a great way to minimize the threats of cyberattacks like malware and ransomware. EDR, however, can have its limitations. By only detecting and responding around […]