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EDR, XDR, and MDR: Improve Your Detection & Response

Going Beyond EDR
You probably are already familiar with Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR). It is a valuable solution for detecting and responding to threats inside managed endpoints. This is a great way to minimize the threats of cyberattacks like malware and ransomware. EDR, however, can have its limitations. By only detecting and responding around endpoints, its effectiveness is limited within the SOC. A challenge among SOC analysts in traditional detection and response is alert overload. According to Trend Micro, a leader in XDR technology, a SIEM team from a company with 1,000 employees will get 22,000 events per second. XDR will minimize alerts by automatically tying a series of low confidence activities to one high confidence event.

Extended Detection and Response will correlate data across email, endpoint, cloud, network, and servers to allow faster detection of threats and improved response times. An XDR will break down the silos by using a more holistic approach to detection and response. This helps to fill the gaps that analysts may have not seen before. It will collect and provide access to data across individual security tools. By using analytics and threat intelligence, XDR will give security analysts a full attack-centric view of the events occurring across security layers.

One of the main stressors of utilizing a SIEM to bring together information into one centralized place is an overwhelming number of alerts. XDR will augment the SIEM, reducing the time spent analyzing alerts and logs. It does this by collecting activity data and sweeping through the data across security layers. AI and analytics will minimize the number of alerts to only the most relevant.

Unlike EDR and XDR, Managed Detection & Response (MDR) is managed service—not a technology. An MDR offering will include several cybersecurity tools including SIEM, endpoint detection, vulnerability management, and more, to provide flexible and consistent detection and response. These technology solutions combined with a security team will help provide intrusion detection of threats within your network and assist with rapid incident response to eliminate these threats. While EDR and XDR can be limited to endpoints, combining multiple security tools with MDR can provide a more holistic approach to detecting and responding to threats.

How To Get Started
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