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Phishing Smarter

“Phishing” attacks aren’t new. You know the kind…”Craigslist needs you to confirm an account because it’s temporarily suspended” or “Some some person in Nigeria needs you to wire some money and your generosity will be rewarded handsomely!” For the most part they have been easy to spot even if they successfully get through the anti-spam-phishing-virus-bot-dos-reputation-system-algorithm […]


I’m sure this is not the news the shareholders were hoping for days after LinkedIn went public. This vulnerability can affect up to 100 registered users. The vulnerability lies in the way the cookies are handled. If you are interested in knowing exactly how this can be done you can find more information here. He […]

Laptop Security: One School Learns a Hard Lesson

The Freehold Community School, located in the British city of Oldham, made news around the world recently, but not by choice. The school renowned for academic achievement earned a failing grade in data security, after the personal data of 90 students was obtained from a stolen laptop computer. The laptop, taken from the car of […]