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Phishing Smarter

“Phishing” attacks aren’t new. You know the kind…”Craigslist needs you to confirm an account because it’s temporarily suspended” or “Some some person in Nigeria needs you to wire some money and your generosity will be rewarded handsomely!”
For the most part they have been easy to spot even if they successfully get through the anti-spam-phishing-virus-bot-dos-reputation-system-algorithm box. It also helps when there are typos, weird sender email addresses, and “too good to be true” deals.

But you knew they were going to get better, smarter once the economy started to tank. It wasn’t good enough to shotgun spam everyone anymore. “Customers” are asking for better results. Better harvests.
A recent article from shines light on how sophisticated, targeted, smarter these attacks are becoming.
Here are some excerpts from the online article:

David Jevans, chairman and founder of the non-profit Anti-Phishing Working Group, said criminals have been moving away from indiscriminate phishing toward more intelligent attacks known as “spear phishing,” which rely on having more intimate knowledge of the victims.
“You’re not going to see typical phishing where 90 percent of it ends up in spam traps and is easily detected. This is going to be highly targeted,” he added.


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