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Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

A Vulnerability Assessment is the frontline in securing any organization. Scanning your systems for vulnerability is a necessary tactical approach to securing “low-hanging” risk within your infrastructure. The team at Aurora can custom build methodologies. We will utilize your personnel and financial resources to help you meet your business and IT goals. Aurora has a certified ethical hacker on staff. We will perform tests against internet perimeters and internal systems simulating real world attacks and techniques. These tests will be performed in an automated manner.

How Does It Work?

The process of conducting a Vulnerability Assessment with Aurora includes remote testing of internal networked devices using a VPN connection. The Aurora team will provide your organization with a review of the existing architecture. We will conduct automated external and internal security scanning. As a part of a Vulnerability Assessment, your organization will be given a recommendations matrix as a final delivery report. This assessment is performed with a fixed fee.

The key value propositions of getting a Vulnerability Assessment implemented by the Aurora team are the ability to quickly validate problems within your infrastructure and come up with a resolution. The Aurora team will help you prioritize vulnerabilities. There is great value in conducting automated testing to provide recommendations for remediation.

Implementing Aurora’s Vulnerability Assessment gives your organization a cost-effective way to be compliant with industry standard regulations. Our team of engineers will provide prioritized and simplified recommendations to improve upon gaps in your infrastructure’s vulnerability. This will allow your business to gain greater return on investment. The Aurora team will provide optimized implementation and a beneficial transfer of knowledge.

During a Vulnerability Assessment, we will review your network, operating system and application security. We will be able to determine the weakness in your access controls, current vulnerability management processes, and existing incident handling processes. Once you have completed a Vulnerability Assessment with Aurora Security Consulting Services, you will be able to understand weaknesses in existing policies, procedures and standards.

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