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Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Discover. Monitor. Protect.

Discover, Monitor, and Protect Your Sensitive Corporate Information.

Keeping sensitive corporate information safe and compliant has never been easy. But today, you’re faced with a totally new set of data protection challenges. Sensitive information is leaving the safety of your corporate network as more employees share files over consumer cloud storage services and access those files on their own mobile devices.

The number of targeted cyberattacks continues to grow, as cybercriminals develop effective new methods for defeating traditional security measures and stealing corporate information. And as all of these factors converge, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage corporate information and protect it against loss and theft.

So how do you manage and protect your information in this challenging environment? Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) answers these questions with a comprehensive approach to information protection that embraces today’s cloud- and mobile-centered realities. With Symantec DLP, you can:

  • Discover where data is stored across all of your cloud, mobile, network, endpoint, and storage systems
  • Monitor how data is being used, whether your employees are on or off the network
  • Protect data from being leaked or stolen—no matter where it’s stored or how it’s used

Discover Where Sensitive Data Is Stored Across Your Infrastructure

  • The Keyword Matching technology significantly reduces the time it takes to detect content matches against complex keyword-based policies.
  • The Exact Data Matching technology delivers faster detection and improved accuracy so you can easily fingerprint extremely large, structured data sources such as databases and detect a single field or combinations of fields from a record.
  • The Indexed Document Matching technology significantly reduces the size of the server index footprint so you can efficiently fingerprint and detect unstructured data in documents such as Microsoft Office, PDF, and CAD.
  • The Remote Indexed Document Matching Indexer is a new out-of-the-box tool that protects business users’ privacy by enabling them to directly fingerprint highly sensitive files instead of providing your DLP Administrator and DLP Enforce server direct access to them.

Monitor and Protect Sensitive Data On Mobile Devices, On-Premise, and In the Cloud

  • Keep data safe on Windows and Mac endpoints by performing local scanning and real-time monitoring
  • Monitor confidential data that is being downloaded, copied or transmitted to or from laptops and desktops, including through email or cloud storage
  • Extend data loss prevention monitoring and protection to iOS and Android devices, whether corporate-owned or user-owned
  • Find and protect confidential unstructured data by scanning network file shares, databases, and other enterprise data repositories
  • Monitor and protect data in motion, including sensitive data sent via email, web and a wide range of network protocols

Define and Enforce Policies Consistently Across Your Environment

  • Use a single web-based console to define data loss policies, review and remediate incidents, and perform system administration across all of your endpoints, mobile devices, cloud-based services, and on-premise network and storage systems
  • Take advantage of more than 60 pre-built policy templates and a convenient policy builder to get your DLP solution up and running quickly
  • Use robust workflow and remediation capabilities to streamline and automate incident response processes
  • Apply business intelligence to your DLP efforts with a sophisticated analytics tool that provides advanced reporting and ad-hoc analysis capabilities

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