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Endpoint Security Solution

Endpoint Security Solution

We often recommend tools to our customers to help them prevent a cybersecurity attack from happening by minimizing the number of vulnerabilities in your environment.

Since no one can be 100% secure, we also must recommend solutions that detect attacks as they are happening so that they can be stopped. Implementing an endpoint security solution is an important frontline activity to better secure your organization against threats.

What is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security is the process of securing the endpoints of end-user devices from being exploited. End-user devices can include laptops, mobile devices, and desktops. It works to protect endpoints from threats whether they are threats on-premise or in the cloud. Over time, these solutions have evolved to better protect organizations from increasingly sophisticated malware and threats.

We now require more advanced endpoint security solutions to protect against the increased volume and sophistication of security attacks. They are now able to analyze, quickly detect, and block attacks that are in progress. This is done by integrating endpoint security tools with other security tools in your environment.

Cybersecurity Today

A modern endpoint security solution typically includes machine-learning capabilities to detect zero-day threats as they appear. To protect an organization against malware across all the endpoint devices in a network, advanced anti-malware and anti-virus software are required. Web security, data loss prevention, and integrated firewalls are also tools that can further prevent attacks and data leakage in your environment.

As phishing emails have grown more sophisticated, we recommend email gateways to block these attempts from happening. Having a centralized endpoint management platform will help your organization improve visibility and simplify operations.

The rise in employees working from home and BYOD (bring your own device) policies have created additional endpoint vulnerabilities, putting your organization at additional risk of a breach. This has resulted in an increase in security breaches that come through endpoints instead of just the network. Implementing endpoint security solutions can help your IT department maintain greater control over your endpoints and prevent vulnerabilities that could arise on your remote devices.

Artificial Intelligence has allowed endpoint security solutions to be made more efficient, allowing security teams to be proactive in security practices without having to hire additional employees. To meet the security demands of today, endpoint security solutions can be integrated into the cloud to better protect all your organization’s endpoints.

Implementing the right endpoint security solution from your organization should be a top priority for any IT manager. Talk to an Aurora security expert today to review the steps necessary to meet your organization’s security goals.

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