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Zero Trust and Plurilock DEFEND™

In 2010 John Kindervag, a renowned security expert at Forrester Research, authored a trailblazing report challenging the cybersecurity wisdom of the day. Kindervag recognized that the traditional trust model, which considered the external interface of a firewall as “untrusted” while the internal interface was “trusted,” was a key factor in data breaches. This set in motion a paradigm shift in security controls—a radical new approach centered around granular and trust-independent security measures. Today Plurilock DEFEND™ is at the center of this approach.
The Zero Trust philosophy is a highly-regarded cybersecurity method and philosophy that strategically employs a variety of security products to safeguard critical assets. To achieve Zero Trust, however, organizations must adopt and embody a Zero Trust mentality. This mentality dictates that every user and device must undergo thorough authentication and authorization processes. Even after authentication and authorization, users receive access only necessary applications and data—a model known as the “principle of least privilege,” a cornerstone of Zero Trust. Since Kindervag’s report, Zero Trust has proven itself essential for securing vital assets in the face of evolving threats in today’s computing-centric world.
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Achieving a Zero Trust Architecture

  1. Define the security perimeter and identify the assets to be protected
  2. Map the current environment and identify potential gaps
  3. Implement verification and segmentation measures to reduce the attack surface
  4. Implement continuous monitoring and threat detection measures
  5. Continuously validate and improve the zero trust architecture through testing and iteration

Plurilock DEFEND™ and Zero Trust

Plurilock is an advanced authentication provider that enables compliance with the most demanding technical controls in NIST SP 800-207, the emerging Zero Trust standard. DEFEND is a battle-tested, cloud or on-premises solution that provides continuous, real-time authentication silently, as users work, using multiple behavioral factors and machine learning technology. We consider DEFEND to be a key part of any complete Zero Trust architecture.

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