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Symantec Endpoint Security Solution Reseller

Organizations of all sizes can be the victim of a cybersecurity attack. At Aurora, we help our customers understand which tools are required to meet their security goals. As an experienced Symantec endpoint security solution reseller, Aurora can help you understand which endpoint security solutions are necessary for your environment. We often recommend solutions to help prevent attacks from happening in your environment. However, since no organization can be fully protected against attacks, we also recommend implementing solutions that detect threats as they are affecting your environment to block them from doing further damage. Endpoint security solutions are seen as a frontline activity that can work to better secure your organization’s environment.
The goal of endpoint security is to secure the endpoints of the end-user devices within your organization from being exploited by a security attack. End-user devices are any desktops, laptops, and mobile devices within your organization’s network. The goal is for these solutions to protect your endpoints from threats, both on-premise and in the cloud. As with all technologies, these solutions must evolve as malware and cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated. We can help you integrate endpoint security solutions with the other tools in your environment to improve efficiency. We recommend solutions that can quickly detect, analyze and block attacks as they are in progress. The recent increase in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and working from home has created challenges in securing the endpoints of organizations that have adopted these practices. Security breaches have increasingly come through endpoints instead of through networks. Endpoint security can help you gain better control and visibility over your endpoints, helping to prevent vulnerabilities that arise on remote devices. By having endpoint management platforms centralized in your environment, your organization can gain improved visibility and simplified operations. See more about Aurora's products, services, and solutions:
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Aurora can provide solutions that include machine learning capabilities that can detect zero-day threats within your environment. As a Symantec endpoint security solution reseller, we can provide you with a portfolio of solutions such as web security, data loss prevention, and firewalls that work to prevent attacks and data loss within your environment. These endpoint security solutions can work to prevent malware with advanced antimalware and antivirus tools. Additionally, email gateways can help shield your organization against phishing emails that have grown more sophisticated in recent years. To meet the demands of security today, these solutions can be integrated into the cloud, better protecting the endpoints in your organization. Endpoint security can be made more efficient with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI allows security teams to manage security without having to bear the cost of hiring additional employees. Aurora is an experienced Symantec endpoint security solution reseller and can help you understand which solution is right for your organization’s security goals. Call us today to begin better securing your organization’s environment.
Since 1990, security-conscious companies have turned to Aurora professionals for support of their business-critical applications. Our experienced team of security experts helps our clients to conquer the complex challenges of data security. Aurora’s Services, Sales and Software teams combine to uniquely position the company as a single source, full-service Solutions Provider to small and medium businesses. In 2021, Aurora became a part of the Plurilock family.

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