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Symantec DLP

Aurora uses Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to help clients prevent data breaches by discovering sensitive data wherever it is moving or stored, monitoring how it is being used, and providing real-time protection to prevent exposure or theft of the data. Aurora’s engineers are experienced in integrating Symantec DLP into the systems already working in your environment.

Protecting Data In Use on Endpoints

Symantec DLP for Endpoint is a single lightweight agent installed on endpoints that scans. The agent has two modules: Endpoint Discover and Endpoint Prevent. Endpoint Discover scans local hard drives to find sensitive data stored on local laptops or desktops. It can take a wide range of actions to protect that data, including quarantining local and remote files and applying policy-based encryption and digital rights management. Endpoint Prevent monitors and controls users’ activities. It can alert users to security concerns and take some actions, including enforcing encryption and digital rights management of data transferred to USB devices, to prevent accidental data exposure.

Protecting Data In Motion over the Network

Symantec DLP for Network monitors data in motion over networks and prevents it from being leaked. DLP Network Monitor looks for sensitive content and metadata in outbound traffic on your network. Network Prevent for Email analyzes corporate email traffic and can be configured to modify, redirect or block messages containing sensitive content. Network Prevent for web performs a similar service by monitoring corporate web traffic; it can be configured to remove sensitive HTML content and block requests.
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Protecting Data at Rest

Symantec DLP for storage discovers and secures sensitive data stored on file servers, endpoints, cloud storage, network file shares, databases and other repositories. Symantec DLP Network Discover is capable of high-speed scanning over large, distributed environments and can recognize and scan over 330 different file types, including custom file types. Symantec DLP Network Protect can automatically clean up and secure exposed files detected by Network Discover. It can take a range of remediation actions including quarantine or moving files, and enforcing encryption and digital rights management policies.

Protecting Data in the Cloud

The Symantec DLP Cloud Detection Service protects data in motion and data at rest across more than 100 sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps, including Office 365, G-Suite, Box, Dropbox, and Salesforce. It extends existing policies and detection capabilities to cloud applications, and can take actions to prevent exposure of sensitive files including, un-sharing, quarantining, and blocking them from leaving. It can also enforce encryption and digital rights management policies. Symantec DLP Cloud Service for Email performs the same function for corporate email traffic.
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