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White Paper: Ransomware and Cryptocurrency

Is cryptocurrency to blame for the rise of ransomware? In recent months ransomware has proven to be very profitable for cybercriminals and will likely continue to grow in popularity unless the issues enabling these attacks are addressed. Organizations must design and implement defensible security programs to prevent or otherwise quickly recover from a ransomware attack, including developing disaster recovery plans, implementing endpoint security solutions, and prioritizing vulnerability management.
This white paper discusses the relationship between the rise of cryptocurrency and the increasing profitability of ransomware, and provides our recommendations to minimize the threat as it relates to your organization. The paper covers:
  • The Rise of Ransomware
  • The Anatomy of Ransomware
  • Preventing Ransomware
  • Cryptocurrency and Ransomware
  • The Future of Ransomware
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Cybercriminals and the increasing value of cryptocurrency have driven an increase in the proliferation of ransomware. Learn what you need to know in order to protect your organization.
Aurora has been helping organizations with their complex IT challenges since 1990. Our experienced sales and services team combine to provide our customers with solutions that can improve your security posture and better protect your organization against attacks like ransomware.

Aurora and Symantec

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