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Session Compromise Detection with DEFEND and Splunk

When Plurilock's DEFEND™ endpoint technology is combined with Splunk, the result is a solution that can detect compromised credential use in real time—and inform the SOC about which running processes are "contaminated" and which aren't. Plurilock offers a native Splunk app and TA for DEFEND™ that makes this kind of detection simple and efficient.
In this video demonstration from Plurilock, watch DEFEND™ and Splunk in use together to detect a compromised session and develop an understanding of what tasks have been carried out by the attacker.
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Plurilock DEFEND™ and Zero Trust

Plurilock is an advanced authentication provider that enables compliance with the most demanding technical controls in NIST SP 800-207, the emerging Zero Trust standard. DEFEND is a battle-tested, cloud or on-premises solution that provides continuous, real-time authentication silently, as users work, using multiple behavioral factors and machine learning technology. We consider DEFEND to be a key part of any complete Zero Trust architecture.

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