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Plurilock DEFEND™

Plurilock DEFEND relies on behavioral biometrics and machine learning to recognize users based on the way that they work, as work happens.
  • DEFEND monitors a user’s mouse movement and keystroke patterns. When it matches with their typical behavior, no risk is detected.
  • If a user’s behavior seems unusual, it will log a medium risk. If the risk threshold is crossed, DEFEND will alert security staff as a potential threat.

Plurilock DEFEND™ enables organizations to implement true continuous authentication—;to confirm user identities in real time, as users work.

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Get true continuous biometric authentication, enabling new levels of least privilege access and identity risk management for zero trust.
Aurora, a Plurilock Company, has been helping security-conscious organizations solve their complex IT challenges since 1990. Aurora’s highly trained sales and service teams uniquely combine to position Aurora as a single source security service provider. With a wide range of cybersecurity solutions and services, including Plurilock DEFEND, Aurora can provide organizations with innovative technology for organizations to meet their goals.

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