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Cybersecurity Help for K-12 Schools

Through the Cybersecurity Infrastructure & Security Agency (CISA), the US federal government has provided guidance to K-12 schools on how to stay secure in a period of increasing ransomware attacks, account takeovers, and other kinds of security incidents. At Aurora, we support the mission and the desire to protect our educators, parents, and students from cybersecurity threats—and we have a history of working with schools and districts around the country to improve learning technology and educational technology infrastructure. Through our parent company, Plurilock, Aurora is able to offer a flagship cybersecurity platform, Plurilock AI, to schools and districts at pricing that makes sense for K-12 education, and to help schools and districts to deploy and configure it well.
Plurilock AI supports a number of the recommendations that CISA provides for K-12 environments, including:
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • A strong default security posture
  • Moving fundamental security controls to the cloud
The platform provides single sign-on (SSO) functionality, to enable your staff and students to access all of their applications with a single, MFA-protected login; strong access controls to provide guardrails about what can and can't be done with learning technology, from which locations, and at which time of day; and strong data loss prevention tools to help prevent inappropriate sharing of all kinds, even if unintended, by students, faculty, or staff.
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Learn more about Plurilock AI for schools and how it can help to prevent: • Ransomware
• Account takeovers
• Inappropriate sharing well as other educational technology and learning technology cyber-threats.

Affordability and Ease of Use

For schools, Plurilock AI is available at pricing models that work well for K-12 organizations while providing the "enterprise cybersecurity" that CISA says schools should increasingly try to achieve. At the same time, Plurilock AI enjoys the #1 customer satisfaction rating in the industry and is used not just by large global enterprises but also by small businesses and local organizations around the world.

State and Local Grant Program

For public schools, CISA recommends that administrators rely on the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program to help to fund cybersecurity investments. Contact Aurora if you're interested in pursuing better cybersecurity for your faculty, staff, students, and parents, and need help navigating the grant program to secure finding. Aurora has a long history working with state and local government and public organizations to improve IT infrastructure. We're happy to share our expertise.

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