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Behavioral Biometrics

Attackers are getting more sophisticated. Security practices of the past may no longer be effective in protecting your organization’s sensitive data. Traditional biometric authentication, including fingerprint readers and face scanners, only authenticate users at one instance during the day. Behavioral biometrics takes authentication to the next level, addressing the weaknesses of traditional security practice and proving additional security. Instead of just authenticating a user’s identity once a day, behavioral biometrics works in the background to authenticate hundreds of times throughout without the user even knowing.

What is Behavioral Biometrics?

Behavioral biometrics analyzes unique micro-patterns in movement. It analyzes the way that a user types and moves their mouse to assure their identity. These patterns are unique and would be difficult to duplicate or used to impersonate the accurate user. It identifies an individual based on the way that they behave instead of the things that they know or their body parts. Behavioral biometrics authenticates continuously, monitoring a user’s behavior in real-time. It, therefore, increases security and can detect a compromised session as it happens.

Introducing Plurilock DEFEND™

  • DEFEND uses behavioral biometrics to identify users based on how they interact with their system
  • DEFEND monitors mouse movements and keystrokes patterns to identify a user—no risk will be reported so long as a user’s movement matches their typical behavior
  • Risk is reported immediately if a user’s behavior seems unusual or deviates from typical movement patterns, leading DEFEND to alert security staff of a potential identity threat

Plurilock DEFEND™ confirms user identity not just at login, but throughout the workday, as work happens, removing the uncertainty about identity in long work sessions.

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Learn more why Aurora recommends Plurilock DEFEND™ for Zero Trust environments and security-conscious organizations.

Where Does This Fit in My Security Portfolio?

Behavioral biometrics is a non-overlapping addition to your existing authentication solutions. It improves the effectiveness of your existing forms of authentication and could eventually replace all other forms of authentication. DEFEND™ can be integrated into your existing SIEM and be aligned with other SIEM events to enable your SOC to focus on the events most likely to be a threat to your environment. DEFEND works to protect your users without the addition of new hardware or workflows.

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