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Addressing Cloud Data in AWS Using DLP

Does your organization have sensitive data stored in AWS Workspaces and S3 Buckets? Aurora’s experts can utilize Symantec DLP to better protect that data. Many organizations do not know if their existing security solutions extend to their sensitive data that has been migrated to cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services. Implementing data loss prevention consulting services and extending them to AWS will better protect your organization from data loss.
This white paper addresses how Aurora’s engineers can integrate Symantec DLP services to better secure data within AWS EC2, S3, VPC and workspaces, including:
  • Extending Symantec DLP to AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Using Symantec CloudSoc to better secure AWS EC2 and EC3
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Download the white paper now to see how Aurora can help you to secure the data your organization stores in AWS environments.

What is Data Loss Prevention?

Data loss prevention consulting services is used to help clients prevent data breaches by discovering sensitive data wherever it is moving or stored, monitoring how it is being used, and providing real-time protection to prevent exposure or theft of the data.
Aurora is an established premier partner of Symantec, a division of Broadcom, with deep knowledge and experience within their security portfolio. Our goal is to tailor Symantec’s broad security solution sets to align with our clients’ own needs and maximize their return on investment. We can help you protect data in Amazon cloud environments in new and innovative ways. Contact us if you are considering implementing Symantec solutions into your AWS environment.

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