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HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment

Aurora offers a HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment. A HIPAA information security audit serves as an appraisal of an organizations adherence to policies and best practices. Our team can help an organization identify areas of weaknesses that will need to be addressed in order to meet regulatory or compliance requirements. We evaluate people, process, and technology.
Aurora’s approach is cost-effective without cutting corners. We make it affordable for any size healthcare organization to be in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Our comprehensive HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment is an approach based on assessing physical and logical security. We address company practices for security confidential data.

Our Process of Conducting HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment

Our process of conducting a HIPAA Security and Compliance Audit Assessment includes assessing the organizations current state of security and evaluating current practices. We will develop a comprehensive HIPAA Security policy and authorization levels. We will review all relevant security documentation and interview relevant staff members. Next, we will perform vulnerability scanning. This will take place either over a VPN connection or locally. The Aurora team will then deliver a recommendations report to close gaps in the organization’s security practices.
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Professional Package

  • Automated Security Scanning: commercial scanning tools used to identify potential technical vulnerabilities
  • Management Processes: Review security management processes in place to protect confidential data
  • Facilities Management: Review the facilities and physical security process to protect confidential data
  • Network Architecture Review: Review network security design and identify weaknesses
  • Security Policy Review: Review HIPAA Security policies for accuracy, completeness and best practices
  • Report Development and Interpretation: Analyze results and develop a remediation plan to meet security requirements

Enterprise Package

  • Professional Package: All services included in the professional package, plus—
  • Remediation Validation: Perform mini assessments after 6 months to validate that remediation steps have been implemented
  • Policy Creation: Create or modify up to 5 policies to meet gaps in security procedures

What is a HIPAA Audit?

HIPAA Audits identify where areas of improvements are as it pertains to a healthcare organization’s HIPAA Compliance. Conducting an audit helps to avoid possible HIPAA violations associated with health information that is not secure.

What is HIPAA Title II?

HIPAA Title II specifically protects individual’s health information. This includes the security rule that specifically protects health information that is stored electronically.

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