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Aurora’s Defend Webinar with Edwin Davis

Aurora’s Defend Webinar with Edwin Davis


December 7, 2022

11:00 am



Aurora is excited to welcome you to a customer exclusive DEFEND webinar on December  7TH, 11 AM PST, with Edwin Davis – Senior Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, Aurora.The rise in remote working has brought with it the risks of data breaches, which according to IBM’s – Cost of a Data Breach Report, stands at USD 4.35 million. New rules will soon be in place to encourage organizations to be more responsible for their cybersecurity measures and activities.

How can DEFEND help?

  •  DEFEND detects compromised sessions in real-time, through its continuous authentication protocols.
  • DEFEND uses behavioral biometrics and machine learning to recognize users based on the way they work.
  • DEFEND measures and monitors a user’s mouse movement and keystroke patterns. When it matches with their typical behavior, no risk is detected.
  • If a user’s behavior seems unusual, it will commence logging risk. If the risk threshold iås crossed, DEFEND can autonomously respond to the threat.

Do not miss this webinar that will explain clearly how DEFEND can help your organization. Our experts will be there to answer all your questions.Become compliant with the new rules and prepare yourself for ZT.
Thank you and look forward to helping you.

Aurora's Defend Webinar with Edwin Davis


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