Endpoint Security Solution

Endpoint Security Solution

At Aurora, we can provide your business with Endpoint Security Solutions that are simple, affordable and an alternative to full-featured endpoint security platforms. Aurora offers McAfee’s MVISION Endpoint Security Solution. The solution goes beyond a base level of protection. It applies advanced countermeasures such as machine learning to implement a complete defense against sophisticated zero day and fileless malware threats. When you purchase an endpoint security solution with Aurora, the security already built into Windows desktop and server environments will be leveraged and strengthened without introducing the complexity of multiple consoles.

McAfee MVISION Endpoint eliminates the dilemma of whether to choose security or complexity. This Endpoint Security Solution offers advanced defenses and cohesive management. When you purchase an endpoint security solution with Aurora, your organization will receive file, fileless, and behavioral machine learning analysis for advance threat detection. Your organization will also get centralized management for all of the endpoints in your environment. This endpoint Security Solution allows you to avoid complex workflows, instead, policy management of Windows Defender Antivirus, Windows Firewall, Defender Exploit Guard, McAfee defenses, and Mac of Linux systm will all be on a centralized console. Unified policies remove excess entry time and improves your visibility into your endpoint environment. Additionally, implementing endpoint security solutions that operate under one centralized system eliminations unnecessary operational or financial costs.

This endpoint security solution allows you to solve the question of whether to invest in native or third-party technologies by aligning and giving you the best of both. McAfee has machine learning technology, offering a high detection rate with fewer false positives that other endpoint security solutions. This allows for real threats in the environment to be a priority. McAfee MVISION Endpoint will restore original versions of files and remove malicious files that have been affected by suspicious activities. This allows administrators at your organization to spend more time on productive tasks benefiting the organization rather than dealing with downtime during remediation and recovery.

This endpoint security solution increases visibility within your environment for threats and compliance. McAfee MVISION contains tools that simplify investigations and help administrators harden endpoints from attacks. By understanding trace information about the attack, users can better determine the cause of threats in their environment.

McAfee MVISION offers a choice of Pure SaaS Management, Virtual Deployment or Local Deployment. The benefit of Pure SaaS Management is anytime, anywhere access to the management console, maintenance for a lower total cost of ownership, and automatic updates. The benefits of virtual deployment are leverage existing investments in virtualized environments to lower your deployment and maintenance costs while also retaining centralized control. The benefits of local deployment include the ability for customers to use existing deployments and manage multiple McAfee technologies centrally.