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Data Poisoning and Exactly Why Organizations Need to Take It Seriously

The Netflix docuseries Alexander – The Making of a God, compels lovers of history to revisit some of the better-known facts of the Greek wannabe who went on to rule a major part of the ancient world. Historians tell us Alexander, at the height of his conquests, was administered poison while drinking at a friend’s […]

Negotiating the Challenge of Cloud-Native Worms

In the hit-sixties sci-fi movie The Andromeda Strain, a microbe forcibly enters a spaceship en route to Earth, and proceeds to infect the hapless population of Arizona, causing immense damage. The movie is considered the forerunner to many similar movies, working around the same theme of interstellar spaceships being invaded by hostile viruses residing in […]

People Management In Cybersecurity

Adopting a people-centric approach to cybersecurity In October 2023, the CISA-led Cybersecurity Awareness Month celebrated its 20th anniversary. The annual event which premiered in 2004, announced a new cybersecurity awareness program ‘Secure Our World’ (1) to commemorate the milestone. The program aims to embed behavioral change in users across the US in terms of online […]

The Rise of Mitigation Services in Cybersecurity Management

Introduction Any good project manager will tell you the importance of having a Plan B in store, in the event that a risk materializes unexpectedly. A backup strategy, Plan B is not considered for deployment in the normal course of things. It is the path of action that the project manager will embark on, to […]

Quelling the Menace of Cryptographic Attacks

To say that the Romans most of the time, were ahead of the times, is not entirely out of place. At least where military matters go. Julius Caesar, seized of the need to ensure the sanctity of his military communications to his commanders spread over a vast Roman empire, is credited with creating the Caesar […]

Combating the Insidious Nature of Polymorphic Malware in Cybersecurity

Fans of superhero movies know Mystique from X-Men for her ability to shapeshift and mimic voices with precision, making her a formidable foe. This ability is akin to Polymorphic Malware in cybersecurity, a malicious software constantly changing its form, challenging even the best antivirus solutions. What it is Unlike Mystique who largely uses disguise at […]

Passwordless: The New Mantra

Introduction The September 2023 hacking of MGM Resorts International by Scattered Spider, a relatively nascent hacking group operating out of the United States and UK, brought into sharp focus the risks of identity theft and credential harvesting from social engineering tactics deployed by threat actors. Using stolen credentials and brute phishing attacks, the group gained […]

Email Scams Reimagined: The Rise of AI-Driven Cyber Deceptions

There is almost nobody who has been on the internet, who has not encountered it. From the early 1980s, the Nigerian Prince email scam (10), requesting the user to remit a small sum of money – and thereby get him to reveal his personal information including banking details – in return for a huge windfall […]

Navigating the Quantum Revolution: A New Era of Cybersecurity

Imagine a scene from the critically acclaimed film “The Imitation Game” – a race against time, set against the backdrop of World War II. Alan Turing, portrayed brilliantly by Benedict Cumberbatch, is frantically working with his team to decode the seemingly unbreakable Enigma machine used by the Nazis. This moment in history was not just […]