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The Hidden Dangers of Pig Butchering Scams

There is an air of despair about him that is almost pitiable, but the despair makes you want to listen to his advice to tread warily when it comes to unsolicited calls and promises of quid pro settlements. Having lost over USD 500,000 including his property which he sold, Barry May (1), a 62-year old […]

The Importance of Employee Reporting in Cybersecurity

The 2017 Uber hack that was discovered thanks to a vigilant employee is still heard in cybersecurity circles whenever the conversation turns to employee vigilance and reporting. In the now-famous hack, a vigilant employee reported that another employee was accessing unauthorized records and stealing sensitive customer data. Uber cybersecurity teams promptly swung into action, but […]

Combating QR Code Scams: An Uphill Battle

When Leonardo da Vinci completed his famed Mona Lisa painting during the Italian Renaissance in the early 1500s, it was almost to be expected that the artist would produce a masterpiece. Yet the painting, now resting in the Louvre Museum in Paris, became over time the object of considerable study that continues till today. The […]

Navigating the Nuances of Log Management in Today’s Digital Landscape

In the world of crime, to name just one of the many walks of life that they facilitate, CCTV cameras play a vital role. In the United Kingdom for example, statistics show that cameras have made a phenomenal contribution to detective and police work, using ‘evidence collected’ to help resolve almost 65% of the cases, […]

Mastering Cybersecurity with Exposure Management Systems

Athletes in the world of endurance sports often spend considerable time training in the outdoors exposed to the sun, which makes them vulnerable to UV rays overexposure, and serious skin cancers. To minimize this danger, they follow a strict schedule and regimen of training in the early hours of the morning when the sun is […]

Essential Strategies for Organizational Resilience Amidst Geopolitical Cyber Threats

Two decades ago, no military expert could have predicted just how hostilities between countries would evolve. Conventional wars continued over land and air, but many predicted the next World War would be fought over water. The 9/11 bombings had people thinking that communications and traffic would be the next attack surface. But a new battlefield […]

Navigating the Complex World of Bots in Modern Cybersecurity

Introduction In 1995, when English Premier League top team Arsenal decided to buy mercurial Dutch forward Denis Bergkamp, they knew they were taking on a person with proven aviophobia. A year earlier the player had developed the fear of flying. The decision to invest meant that Bergkamp would not be able to play in overseas […]

Evaluating Cybersecurity Systems Through Rigorous Testing

Introduction The ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’ is an old English phrase. Commonly understood to mean that it is possible to make an assessment or evaluation of anything only when it has been experienced, culinary experts will tell you that the phrase has its origins in the looks of the fully-cooked pudding. […]

Data Poisoning and Exactly Why Organizations Need to Take It Seriously

The Netflix docuseries Alexander – The Making of a God, compels lovers of history to revisit some of the better-known facts of the Greek wannabe who went on to rule a major part of the ancient world. Historians tell us Alexander, at the height of his conquests, was administered poison while drinking at a friend’s […]

Negotiating the Challenge of Cloud-Native Worms

In the hit-sixties sci-fi movie The Andromeda Strain, a microbe forcibly enters a spaceship en route to Earth, and proceeds to infect the hapless population of Arizona, causing immense damage. The movie is considered the forerunner to many similar movies, working around the same theme of interstellar spaceships being invaded by hostile viruses residing in […]