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Navigating the Complex World of Bots in Modern Cybersecurity

Introduction In 1995, when English Premier League top team Arsenal decided to buy mercurial Dutch forward Denis Bergkamp, they knew they were taking on a person with proven aviophobia. A year earlier the player had developed the fear of flying. The decision to invest meant that Bergkamp would not be able to play in overseas […]

Evaluating Cybersecurity Systems Through Rigorous Testing

Introduction The ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’ is an old English phrase. Commonly understood to mean that it is possible to make an assessment or evaluation of anything only when it has been experienced, culinary experts will tell you that the phrase has its origins in the looks of the fully-cooked pudding. […]

Securing Our Schools – Combatting the Surge in Cyberattacks on K12 Education

Introduction Though child abuse is an odious comparison, it can be argued that the increasing cyberattacks on K12 schools, students, and their hapless families are just as devastating. ‘Catch ‘em young’ seems to be a phrase that is being cruelly twisted out of context by hackers intent on monetizing their nefarious ends at the cost […]