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Calls for Greater Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Regulation Gain Momentum

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As the Russian-Ukraine conflict enters its second year, the cybersecurity industry will recall the signing of the March 22, 2022, cyber incident reporting law by US President Joe Biden. This law mandates both public and private entities to report critical infrastructure attacks(1) within 72 hours. The law covers all major sectors(2) deemed critical to the […]

Why Cyber Insurance is Changing the Cybersecurity Landscape

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Introduction The growing trend of remote work across various industries, coupled with advancements in technology such as IoT, 5G, and metaverse, has elevated the significance of cyber insurance in our digital-centric society. As a result, its importance for businesses is greater than ever before. The larger the organization’s business revenue, employee strength, network security, dependence […]

Challenges for Cybersecurity in a World of Quantum Computers

In the 2013 documentary Taming the Quantum World (1), physicists in the Canary Islands are working on a project to build a quantum computer by harnessing the mysterious powers of quantum physics.  They hope to create a ‘global quantum internet’ that will instantaneously teleport a humungous amount of data to anywhere in the world, using […]