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Securities and Exchange Commission to introduce new Cybersecurity Disclosure rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is set to put in place a new set of directives that will make organizations more responsible for their cybersecurity measures and activities. The move is intended to shore up the confidence levels of their investors, by providing greater levels of transparency about the cybersecurity fabric of the organization. […]

MDR – Delivering Results via Technology and Teams

In the 1983 film War Games, amongst the earliest movies on cybersecurity, officials rush in the hackers of a supercomputer, designed to work without human interface. At stake is a world war that stands to be triggered by the supercomputer. Cut to 4 decades later. Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are reeling under the dual pressures […]

Identity Access Management – The Need of the Hour

In one of the most famous cases of identity theft and wrongful access of confidential data, David M Read of Virginia stole the American Express Card of actress Demi Moore in 2018. He then obtained her Social Security Number (SSN) and other personal information online and used the card to binge shop to the extent […]

Edge Computing Security in an Expanding Cybersecurity Landscape

For want of a better description for Edge Computing Security in layman’s terms, and though comparisons can sometimes be out of place – think of America’s proposed Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) – often referred to in jest as the Star Wars Program – which was intended to thwart any ballistic threat to the nation. Edge […]