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Why Does Your Organization Need a Trusted Cybersecurity Partner?

Cybercrime continues to proliferate, and has globally caused a financial loss of $6 trillion1 in 2021, with an expectation to hit $10.5 trillion by 2025. Cyber criminals are prone to targeting any industry, and this can have a devastating impact2. Not only financial but also in the embarrassment of facing disgruntled customers, halted operations, and the risk of data leaks, even after demands are met.

When it comes to the risk of cyber-attacks it is important to think “when” not “if” to ensure you are properly prepared. For many organizations it can be difficult to protect their businesses 24/7 as it often outside of the scope of their existing cybersecurity protocol. For this reason, many seek a reliable third-party cybersecurity partners, that have a dedicated team of experts and engineers who can provide this service.

What to look for in your ideal security partner?

A recent market outlook report3. by Technavio identifies, “the cyber security market share is expected to increase by USD 189.70 billion from 2020 to 2025, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 14.97%.”In the face of this substantial growth, how does one go about identifying a suitable and trustworthy cybersecurity partner?

A trusted partner should not only have the skills and resources to navigate the evolving threat landscape but also be an immediate responder in containing a threat. They must be able to conduct a detailed cybersecurity risk assessment, identify gaps and provide solutions that eliminate deficiencies.

Here are some of the key factors to look into when evaluating a cybersecurity partner:

1. Their products and services.

A trusted cybersecurity partner would offer a diverse portfolio of solutions and provide consulting specific to an organization’s unique needs. Malicious actors are always on the prowl seeking to break-in through vulnerabilities and access sensitive data. Vulnerability assessments are critical to your organization’s security environment, and it is important to seek out partners that specialize in database and endpoint security.

Aurora as a cybersecurity consultant, offer a comprehensive suite of consulting and managed security services that are practical, efficient, and cost effective.

2. Credential of their experts.

When vetting a cybersecurity partner, it is essential to know the credentials of the professionals who manage their solutions. A reliable partner would have consultants who hold advanced certifications, along with well-established years of experience.

Aurora’s staff of engineers are Palo Alto Networks Certified, Symantec Knight Certified (I will add more here after your review)

3. Ability to integrate existing systems

A reliable cybersecurity partner would conduct an extensive assessment of your current security applications and build a strategy that would integrate, rather than eliminate older systems. This approach would avoid the need to start from scratch and provide reasonable cost savings over new and expensive installations.

4. Long-term Support and maintenance

In addition to seamless implementation, it is also essential for a good partner to provide ongoing updates, support, maintenance, and service as part of their offerings. Compliance with federal regulations is of paramount importance and these have to be implemented as they are made known. The federal government’s recent transition to a zero trust architecture is one such example.

For more information on zero trust, download Plurilock’s (Aurora’s parent company) whitepaper Catching Up to the New Normal with Zero Trust

5. Vendor Relations

A good cybersecurity partner should be fully compliant with industry best practices, keep abreast of new and evolving threats and offer solutions to combat these as they arise. This can be achieved through their own resources and through vendor relations with other technology providers, which would help enhance the services and solutions offered by them.

Aurora has developed close, long-term partnerships with key industry-leading security and information technology vendors, in order to bring our clients world-class solutions.

The ultimate goal of any organization is the protection of their assets and the ability of their employees to work without hindrance in a secure environment. With most companies unable to manage this internally they seek out a trusted cybersecurity partner. Find the right partner who can help mitigate the risk, provide insight into cyber attack trends, and offer a safety net, with confidence.







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