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What is Data Breach? How Can CASB Help?

A data breach is unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or destruction of confidential information. In simpler terms, it’s when someone gets your data or enters a system without your permission.

Data breaches can happen to any organization in any industry often because they failed to enact specific cybersecurity measures like deploying encryption or multi-factor authentication. A practice that should followed and can save companies millions. In fact, the IBM and Ponemon Institute data breach report found that the average data breach costs in 2021 stood at $4.24 million, which was the highest ever in the 17-year history.

How can you prevent a data breach?

The first step in preventing a data breach is understanding how they happen. Data breaches can happen intentionally and unintentionally – usually by flaws in data communication methods or simply through oversight.

Here are some common occurrences:

  • A hacker obtains access to your company’s systems through a vulnerability in your security defenses.
  • An employee accidentally downloads malware that gives hackers access to your network.
  • An employee uses unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, and their password is compromised by a man in the middle attack.
  • A device containing sensitive information goes missing.
  • An insider accesses data with the intention of using it to profit or cause harm to the organization.
  • Through third-party apps, manipulated by cybercriminals, to steal user’s personal information, including company credentials, bank details, and much more.
  • In addition, there are malicious cyberattack methods used to cause a data breach, the most common among them being phishing, brute force attacks, and malware.

A data breach caused by any one of the above incidents, can have dire consequences for companies resulting in huge losses. Data breach risks are ever-increasing, hence implementing a cloud security solution for data loss prevention has become a growing need. Solutions like a cloud access security broker (CASB) to meet this security need.

How can CASB help?

CASB is a cloud-based security solution that can help businesses protect their corporate data, by providing visibility and control over cloud applications and preventing data leakage, malware, and malicious insider threats.

MacAfee describes it as a cloud-hosted or on-premises software or hardware, that acts as an intermediary between users and cloud service providers. CASB provides a central hub that can manage security policies as needed, regardless of the type of device being used. It can also be configured to scan for sensitive data (PII, PHI) and alert the security teams when inappropriately used or accessed. This also helps with GDPR compliance by giving you a way to find and remediate any violations before they turn into hefty fines.

Cloud access security solutions, like CloudCodes, also reduce the risk of data breaches by monitoring cloud apps for suspicious activity, blocking access to risky apps or websites (including those not sanctioned by IT), and encrypting sensitive files before they leave a user’s device.

Cloud-based business services can be accessed by many device types, even those with little to no security management. With the rise of workforce mobility, the growth of BOYD (bring your device), and the unsanctioned use of the cloud by employees, a CASB enables companies to benefit from timesaving, productivity-enhancing, and cost-effective cloud services

As more organizations move to cloud usage, the vital task of securing unmanaged endpoints, protecting sensitive content, and providing real-time data and threat notifications, is the critical responsibility of the CASB.

Include CASB as part of your security strategy.

With the number of cloud-based applications in use today, it’s more important than ever to have a comprehensive security strategy that includes a CASB. By understanding and embracing the benefits of cloud services, companies should adopt cloud tools and make them secure with a CASB. If this sounds like your organization, you are not alone in needing to gain visibility into what is happening with your critical data stored in the cloud.

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