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Honoring and Thanking Cybersecurity Teams

Holding cybersecurity as a focus of our business, it is important for us to appreciate all of the security teams that we work with to protect customer data. Whether it is Aurora’s internal security teams, our partners, or the customers that we work with, join us in celebrating them.

Here are some of the many reasons why

  • They constantly create and refine security policies to minimize the threat of cyber-attacks
  • They serve as a spokesperson for cybersecurity, encouraging decision makers to prioritize cybersecurity in their organizations
  • They adapt to everchanging technology and look out for new innovations and capabilities that can improve cybersecurity posture
  • They monitor the threat landscape for alerts and constantly look for gaps in security posture
  • They maintain constantly changing compliance regulations and industry standards

With increased cyberattacks, cybersecurity should be at the forefront of any business decision, no matter what team you are on. For cybersecurity and other IT staff, they champion this sentiment, and work hard to keep their organizations better protected from cyberattacks. Whether you have a cybersecurity expert on staff or are outsourcing cybersecurity resources, these teams work to keep your customer data protected.

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