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Making Cybersecurity a Priority

Cybersecurity should be your first consideration when conducting business and navigating the web. As your business constantly adopts new technologies and policies to adapt to a fast-growing world, security should also be considered. Ask yourself if this new technology is protected by your existing cybersecurity tools and take the actions necessary if you are not sure. As an individual, each time you log into a network, connect to Wi-Fi, or purchase a product online, cybersecurity risk should be considered. By making cybersecurity a priority, both in your behavior online, and in your business practices, you can be better protected against cyber-attacks.

But what does it mean to make cybersecurity a priority?
Making cybersecurity a priority starts with awareness. Employees are seen as an organization’s weakest link for cybersecurity. Conducting cybersecurity awareness training with employees can minimize this risk. Ensure that employees are savvy about detecting phishing emails, which are growing more sophisticated. Also, refresh employees on security policies so that they are aware.

Putting cybersecurity first also means putting data first. Classify your data by sensitivity and limit access to data that you have classified as sensitive. Implementing multi-factor authentication tools to ensure that the right data is being accessed by the right person is great best practice. We also recommend implementing policies that help protect data and dispose of data properly.

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