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It’s Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day: Why You Should Celebrate

Every year on the third Monday in October, “Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” is celebrated. Just like how our physical desktops need to be cleaned for finger smudges and food crumbs, our virtual desktop needs cleaning too. There are many benefits of cleaning your virtual desktop—one of them being improving your cybersecurity posture.

If your virtual desktop is cluttered with old files, it is likely slowing down the loading speed on your desktop. More importantly, when searching for an important document, sifting through files from 10+ years ago can waste time and effort. Keeping files from the past can do more harm than good. Cleaning up your desktop can make your workflow more effective.

Your important files should be protected behind a firewall and encrypted. A disorganized desktop will lack these security measures. Just like how you tuck away valuables at home, files with customer or employee information should be protected by a firewall, password, or other security measures. With cloud sharing, organizing continues to be important. With a quick press of a button, you could accidentally add a highly confidential document to a shared folder. Reviewing which documents should go where, and who should have access to each document is critical to prevent unwanted data loss.

In addition to minimizing the threat of data loss, an organized and secured virtual desktop is required to stay compliant with industry standards. If your organization is in an industry with IT regulations, cleaning your virtual desktop will be an essential part of being compliant. For example, if confidential healthcare information is left unprotected, your organization may be susceptible to the consequences of violating HIPPA. Cleaning your virtual desktop is an important step towards meeting your industry’s compliance standards.

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