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23 Years Later: Improving the Security of Google Products

If you’re tuning in on September 7th, it’s Google’s Birthday! In honor of Google Commemoration Day, we did some googling ourselves to understand the history of Google and its relationship to cybersecurity.

Believe it or not, Aurora had already been in business when google was released. Yes, we were able to solve customer problems without google. After its commemoration, it became the largest search engine in the world and grew to include Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Gmail, and more. With its expansion into cloud services, email, etc., came more concerns about privacy, security, and search neutrality.

From vulnerabilities in Google chrome, insecurity with file sharing in google cloud, and threats that arrive via Gmail, utilizing Google does come with security risks. Google has made strides towards improving the cybersecurity of their offerings, but with any online activity, there is cyber risk. Additional measures must be implemented to better secure interactions with the Google Cloud Platform.

Google has its own security tool for its Google Cloud Platform, GCP Cloud Security Command Center (CSCC) to identify threats in the cloud. To further improve security in the google cloud portfolio, we have worked with customers to integrate a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) into the google cloud. This allows for increased visibility and control over who is accessing the data in the cloud. By incorporating both CASB and GCP CSCC into the cloud, it allows customers to increase productivity while utilizing cloud services, spending less time worrying about potential threats.

Google Chrome has also been known to be impacted by zero-day attacks and other vulnerabilities. While Google’s security experts aim to patch all vulnerabilities in a timely manner, we recommend utilizing web browser isolation to better protect your end device from malware. Web isolation brings your web activity into an isolated environment so that, if there is any malware encountered, it will not affect the rest of your device.

Email is a frequent source of cyberattacks. We often recommend implementing a secure email gateway to provide protection against malicious emails. As phishing emails become more sophisticated, organizations should also implement regular security awareness trainings for all employees in an organization.

We all use Google almost every day. While their experts aim to make the experience as secure as possible, implementing additional solutions and following best practices can help prevent your organization from being the next victim of a cyberattack.


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