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Level Up Your Endpoint Security

Most security-conscious companies will have an endpoint security solution in their environment to better protect the devices used at their organization. Having tools such as anti-malware, antivirus, and firewall are an important way to minimize your chance of an attack. During this time when the worst kind of malware, ransomware, is increasingly costly and frequent, leveling up your endpoint security is critical. Many security-conscious organizations that do have these tools in place have still become victims of a cyber-attack like ransomware. To further minimize your attack risk, your endpoint security must be constantly strengthened to adapt to your changing business and the changing cybersecurity landscape.

How to Strengthen Your Existing Endpoint Security?
Many of our partners’ endpoint security solutions have adapted over time to meet the demands of today. When looking to level up your endpoint security, consider some of the important aspects that must be included for the ultimate protection of your endpoints.

Zero Trust
Zero Trust is an essential part of any cybersecurity solution. As employees are working beyond the company perimeter, the idea to never trust, always verify is even more critical.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning and AI allow for endpoint security to address and adapt to new security threats without direct intervention from your security team. Automation helps to eliminate human error, better minimizing risks. (Cloud Savvy IT)

XDR, or extended detection response, is a level up from endpoint detection response (EDR). XDR collects and automatically correlates data across email, endpoint, cloud workloads, server, and network. This allows for faster detection and response times. It evolves detection and response into a consolidated, centralized activity, delivering greater results. (Trend Micro)

Remote Browser Isolation
Remote browser isolation is essential to endpoint security because it moves web browsing away from your endpoints and to remote containers in the cloud. This provides the endpoint with protection from web-based phishing and malware. (Forbes)

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