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Security Risks of Returning to the Office

After working from home since March, organizations are eagerly inviting their workers back to the office on a full-time or hybrid basis. Managers see the benefit of bringing back in-person collaboration and utilizing office space that has been vacant for over a year. At the same time, security experts are concerned that this shift will spark security threats. Many leaders anticipate that employees have picked up bad security habits while working from home and are concerned that they will bring devices that are infected with malware into the office.

The devices that employees used at home could have deteriorated security hygiene. Since there is less IT oversight at home, agents could have been broken, patches may have gone uninstalled, and configurations could be out of compliance. If new vulnerabilities were introduced to employees’ systems at home, they can be expanded the effect the whole office network when returning to the office.

As an IT leader at your organization, the return to the office should spark a time of increased security training and awareness. Some best practices to help protect your organization’s network from decayed devices include:

  • Take Inventory and improve visibility into all devices
  • Inspect and remediate all connected devices
  • Enforce Zero Trust policies
  • Continuously monitor all devices
  • Implement regular security trainings for the entire staff

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