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Digital Transformation: It’s More Than Just the Cloud

We are living through a digital transformation in all areas of business—not just the cloud.

  • Cloud computing and infrastructure as code are being used at a higher rate than just a few years ago.
  • Consumers are now demanding instant gratification in their experience online.
  • Organizations are adopting new technologies and new processes that require a more integrated approach to security.
  • There is an immense amount of data collected today. That data connects to other data, and we use it to make important decisions for our businesses.

As we are living through this digital transformation, cybersecurity must adapt to meet the demands of the customer and to protect the large quantities of data being utilized.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust are two frameworks that address the entire digital transformation (DX) that is occurring today—not just the shift to the cloud.

Zero Trust has been around for several years and is a key framework in how we approach security today. The framework relies on the idea to “never trust, always verify.”

SASE is an up-and-coming framework that, combined with Zero Trust, can help your organization achieve a more secure digital environment. SASE refers to a combination of solutions integrated. If you already have endpoint security solutions or a CASB in your environment, you are already on your way to achieving the SASE framework.

Aurora partners, like Symantec, can offer a portfolio of solutions to help you achieve both the SASE and Zero Trust frameworks to better protect your organization as we are living through a Digital Transformation. SASE can help you deliver a better user experience with low latency and single-pass access to content and applications. It can improve control over the cloud security stack and can help improve flexibility as you accommodate for a hybrid workforce.

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