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Sunglasses and Cybersecurity: An Unlikely Combination

Vacation season is upon us! Traveling is becoming safer, and cities are reopening—just remember to pack sunglasses to shield you from the sun and cybersecurity to shield you from security threats.

Preparing for Your Trip
Before you leave for a vacation, there are some preparations that you can take to better ensure that your devices are secure while you are away. While work and home devices may be interconnected, ensuring the safety of your internet connected devices is increasingly important.

Update Software to ensure that any necessary cybersecurity patches have been installed, helping you be better prepared against malware. Also ensure that any software you have for security is updated so that you are best protecting yourself against any threats.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication. Having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your devices can help ensure unauthorized users do not get access to your important accounts. With MFA, there are multiple steps to sign on to your accounts other than just your password.

While You Are Traveling
Shared WIFI networks at hotels, restaurants, and airports are convenient but open for cybersecurity threats. Cyber criminals can use public WIFI to hack into your internet connected devices and steal sensitive data. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use public WIFI at all—just make sure to confirm the name and the security of a network before connecting your device. If you do join an insecure network, avoid accessing sensitive data such as your banking information.

Bluetooth connection allows users that are nearby to share information. Once you have given a user permission to connect with you via Bluetooth, they could have access to data on your device with little confirmation. When you are traveling, it’s best to turn off your Bluetooth with you are not using it to avoid mistakenly giving access to the wrong user.

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